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Are you looking for Keto friendly recipes that don't taste like "diet food"?  Get ready for mouth-watering, super tasty dishes!  

closeup of blueberry muffins
keto bagels closeup on white serving platter
overhead view of 7 blueberry scones with lemon icing drizzle


closeup of blueberry pancakes with syrup whip cream and blueberries on top
closeup basket of snickerdoodle muffins
Coconut Granola in blue bowl with granola in background
ricotta pancakes with syrup being poured over top

These easy to make recipes are full of flavor!

Keto Cooking Christian

Hi there, I'm Julianne!

I learned to cook as a young girl watching my Italian grandparents make amazing meals the entire family would enjoy and carried that passion for cooking traditional dishes into adulthood.                       

Switching to a Keto lifestyle didn’t mean I had to give up my passion for cooking, though; it just meant I needed to change the ingredients I was working with! I take traditional dishes and give them a Keto makeover, using clean ingredients everyone can enjoy.


Made these muffins yesterday. I made them with fresh strawberries instead of blueberries so I omitted the lemon. Also, made with Allulose. These are the best keto recipe I have ever had!! The texture and flavor are superb!! Can't wait to try more of your recipes!


Thank you so very very much for your Keto Lemon Blueberry Scones !!!!!! They are ABSOLUTELY the easiest and the most DELISH !!!

-Carola P.

These waffles were AMAZING. Thank you for sharing. The little extra effort to make them is so worth it. They were yummy. A definite keeper


My goodness, these are yummy! My hubby surprised me with a batch of these yesterday, and they're so good. And today, they're still lovely and moist, heated up for just a few seconds in the microwave. Thank you for such a great recipe, Julianne! Baking keto really can be delicious. 

-Kelsey C.


Clear Instructions with Color Photos

Each recipe has a color photo with clear and concise directions that anyone can easily follow.

Healthy Keto Friendly Ingredients

Each recipe uses only wholesome ingredients that are free of refined sugar or harmful preservatives.

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Nutritional Information

Macros include Calories, Protein, Fat, Sugar, Carbs, Fiber and Net Carbs.

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Immediate download onto your device for easy and unlimited access. All pages can easily be printed out.


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